Steamboat Springs Colorado yoga studio


Wendy Puckett, the owner of Steamboat Pilates Yoga & Fitness, Steamboat Springs, Colorado for 16 years, provides an environment of inspiration, healing, motivation, and connection to the studio patrons. Her bright blue eyes emanate a deep caring for each person that walks through the studio door. When teaching or training, her voice offers encouragement to her clients and students to push through the hard parts and embrace the breaks. Puckett’s goal for the studio patrons is to help them find their mind-body connection.

“The common theme in everything we do is we want to be the people that help them connect in and give them their strength. What they do with that strength is their purpose, but we can help light that internal fire,” she said.

Puckett sees a wide variety of people come into the studio. She says each one comes with their own goals, struggles, and passions.

“The range of clients we have come in is huge,” said Puckett. “Our clients range from young kids to professional athletes, to Olympians, and people coming back from injuries, all just trying to connect with their bodies and move into life. I have a client who is 87 years old who is trying to keep his quality of life going and stay healthy,” she said.

Puckett said regardless of a person’s fitness level, the most important thing to her is for that person to show up that day, that moment, and be present. She acknowledged for some the biggest challenge is just coming through the door, and for others, it is pushing through a challenging workout.

“I love knowing that no matter what the day brings, you can just show up in all your vulnerability, your strength and just be who you are and put your whole heart into whatever you are doing,” said Puckett.

In addition to her internal studio goals, Puckett also sees outreach to the Steamboat community as a priority.

“We as a group can give externally to the community, so we offer community donation-based classes with the proceeds going toward a different cause every month. We spend a lot of time with young athletes, really helping them get back on track,” said Puckett. “Contributing to the community is an important piece of who we are,” she said.

For more information about Steamboat Pilates Yoga & Fitness, visit the website at http://steamboatpilatesandfitness.com/