Tired of dull, limp, lifeless hair? Have you ever thought about rinsing your hair with an ice-cold Coca-Cola? Maybe not. Before you completely ditch the idea, you should know there is a school of thought on that subject that says rinsing your hair with cold Coca-Cola can give it a beachy-wave and full-bodied effect.

Glenn Lyons, Trichologist with Phillip Kingsley salons explained the science behind the Coca-Cola magic. According to Lyons, the ingredients in Coke make it more acidic in its solution. The acidity has the potential to swell the hair and the high sugar content will leave it sticky he said. This combination is what reportedly gives your hair more volume and an illusion of more body said Lyons.

Erin Burnet, pictured below, gave the Coca-Cola rinse a try. Burnet’s hair is naturally thick and somewhat wavy. The before and after pictures show the contrast. It should be noted that in the before picture, Burnet styled her hair the previous day. In the after pictures, she did not specifically style her hair other than blowing it dry. However, she reported that after the Coca-Cola rinse, she felt like her hair would hold any style well, from straight to curly. While Burnet noted the rinse was a bit of a process, she would be willing to try it again.

Happy Coca-Cola rinsing!














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