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Until recently, Boomer and his handler, Routt County Deputy Sheriff Ed Hendricks were the only K-9 team with the Routt County Sheriff’s Office. When interviewed in March of this year, Hendricks said his partner, Deputy Sheriff Jake Doolin and Murray, the new K-9, were then at a six-week training course with the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office in Golden, Colorado.

Following the completion of their training, Doolin and Murray joined the Routt County Sheriff’s Office as the second K-9 team, alternating schedules with Hendricks and Boomer.

“I am excited for Murray and Doolin to come on board,” said Hendricks.

Doolin said Murray is adapting well to his new role as Deputy Sheriff. “He is famous. He gets along really well with everyone, and everyone wants to see him,” said Doolin. Murray is social and gets around to meet everyone he said. “He is fantastic. He loves his job,” said Doolin.


After receiving brief instructions from Jana Hoffman, ABC Certified Dog Trainer, and with an introduction to the Routt County Humane Society’s shelter dogs, a group of volunteer dog walkers from Smell that Bread bakery took four shelter dogs on an hour-long pack walk.

“The pack walks just came into full swing this week,” said Alexis Pagoulatos, Executive Director of Routt County Humane Society (“RCHS”) located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. “We have tried to prepare for them, trying a few things to see how they would work with our dogs and how we could manage it safely that worked with our dog walkers and benefitted our dogs,” said Pagoulatos.


healthy pet food

Raw? Paleo? Grain free? Non-GMO? Organic? Minimally processed? Fido’s vast dog food choices rival that of his or her owner and no longer only consists of big box brands’ hard food or soft food. According to Innova Market Insights and Petfood, the popular pet food trend of 2017 tracks right along with human trends in food: whole foods, premium and healthy ingredients, sourcing of non-GMO and organic ingredients, low-carb, and high protein options.