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As a dog -lover, well actually dog fanatic, and owner of two loving pups, I am always on the lookout for ways to ensure I keep them at their optimum health. As any pet owner knows, one important component of any dogs’ health and well-being is their diet.

As referenced in my previous article, there are so many choices out there that the decision can be overwhelming. The choices range from dry food, wet food, grain-free food, raw food, homemade food, or combinations of the choices. To add to the mix is a consideration of your dog’s age, applicable medical conditions, the activity level, and other factors that may direct your dog’s diet.

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If you are curious about the quality of your dog food and whether the food truly contains the healthy ingredients touted and addresses the needs of your dog, I recommend you read this article by This comprehensive article details the research done to ferret out which dog foods are made with quality ingredients and which ones do not make the cut.

The article contains a detailed analysis of which ingredients are good for your dog and presents the pros and cons of different types of foods, including dry food, wet food, dehydrated food, raw food, and homemade food. The authors also provide an all-inclusive list of foods with a corresponding price point that the reviewers found met their standards and then share that information with you.

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After reading the article, I was surprised about where my dog food brand ranked. Where does your dog food rank?


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